Saturday, January 7, 2012

Institutional segregation in Israel "Secret Agreement Prevents Renting Apartments To Ethiopians" -

Institutional segregation in Israel-Secret Agreement Prevents Renting Apartments To Ethiopians -

Ethiopian IDF SoldierAn apartment complex in Kiryat Malachi illegally refuses to rent or sell apartments to Ethiopian Jews. The Lubavitcher Rebbe said not to let any Ethiopians into Chabad schools, one nearby Chabad resident wrote, because they might be bastards (mazerim), and their behavior is so bad, who would want to live next to them anyway? And the fact that this racism was exposed for all to see? That's the fault of the Nazi-like Israeli press and the Nazi-like leftists who control Israeli society, the Chabad follower says.Others who spoke to the press also described Ethiopians using vile racist language and made the point that they would refuse to rent or sell even to an Ethiopian IDF officer, because the refusal isn't based on the individual who wants to rent or buy – it is based on the overal Ethiopian community and its problems of racial origin.

Gilad Klainer
Gilad Klainer

The Chabadnik Gilad Klainer's comments from his Facebook page, which are also full of racist accusations, can be read here. (Or here as a PDF file:Download Gilad Klainer Ethiopian Jews Chabad (6) ‫הבהרה בקשר לאתיופים‬)

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