Monday, February 6, 2012

Ethiopia, Stop Forcing People Off Their Land! - - Gmail

Ethiopia, Stop Forcing People Off Their Land!

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Hi Muse,

Thousands of people are being forced out of their homes to make way for commercial agriculture. They receive little or no compensation for the loss of their land and homes, and are forced into villages without the basic facilities for new people.

Stand up against this injustice! »

Because of the timing of the relocations, at the beginning of the harvest, and because no food or health resources have been made available for these people, malnutrition, illness and starvation are becoming endemic.

Human Rights Watch reports that any resistance is met with threats of violence. The thousands already moved are just the beginning; the Ethiopian government plans to relocate 1.5 million people by next year.

This violation of human rights cannot continue.

Please sign the petition to stop Ethiopia from continuing to force its people off their land! »

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Ethiopia, Stop Forcing People Off Their Land

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