Friday, November 22, 2013

Aremenian Ethiopian " inhuman and shameful treatment of Ethiopian migrants living in Saudi Arabia" - Garbis Korajian

Such inhuman and shameful treatment of Ethiopian 

migrants living in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States 

should be stopped immediately.

 I am a fourth generation Ethiopian-Armenian and, like 

many Armenians who lived in Ethiopia, my grandparents 

took refuge in Ethiopia after the Armenian Genocide. Those 

Armenians who were fortunate enough to have escaped

the Turkish atrocities and mass murders of the early 20th 

century repatriated to different countries around the world. 

Ethiopia was a country that provided unconditional support 

and welcomed Armenians with open arms. We lived and 

prospered in Ethiopia where we maintained our institutions 

such as our churches, schools and community centers 

without any interference from the Government of Ethiopia 

and its citizens. We were treated as brothers and sisters 

and lived a good life. Although I now live in Canada, I still 

have a lot of love for Ethiopia and the

Garbis Korajian 

people. Therefore, I find it necessary to say a few words about the current mistreatment of Ethiopians in 

the Gulf States including Saudi Arabia which has been the focus of despicable mistreatment of 

Ethiopians. For various reasons, mostly economic, today’s young Ethiopians are traveling abroad looking 

for better opportunities of life through employment. For women, this is mostly domestic help and for 

men, it would be construction or any other job they can find. Needless to say, life for Ethiopians looking 

for work and to survive in these countries is not easy. On top of these hardships, the Ethiopians who are 

law abiding and hard working members of society are facing persecution beyond anyone’s imagination. 

There is no justification for such cruel behavior. 

It is important to remember that one day, the citizens and its descendants from the countries that are 

committing such atrocities on helpless Ethiopians may very well seek refuge in Ethiopia as was done 

1500 years ago. As always, what goes around always comes around. Do not forget your history vis-a-vis 

Ethiopia and stop mistreating our Ethiopian brothers and sisters living in your country. Start treating

them with decency and respect.

Garbis Korajian

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