Wednesday, June 6, 2012

አንዋር ተቃዉሞ Ethiopian Muslims protest gains momentum as finishes fifth month - Awoliya Online

Video of Anwar Protest...አንዋር ተቃዉሞ 
Porotest at Anwar, June 1, 2012

Al jazeera Report on Ethiopian Muslims Protest across the world, June 2, 2012
The Ethiopian Muslims protest in demand for constitutional is gaining momentum in its twenty first week.

As Aljazeera reports as Ethiopian Muslims continue their protest in the country, it is getting global support.Ethiopians across the faith has protested in  various parts of the world in support of the Ethiopian Muslims demand . 

Muslims reported their activities while strong protest is  reported is reported at Awoliya. Muslims shared new information of the plots underway, and make it clear that no assignment  through secretly organized process would be acceptable and law experts explained how this would be unconstitutional.

Muslims also denounced governments interference in religious affairs under pretext of "teaching constitutions".  "  Why only
Muslims , and not all Ethiopians are not targeted  by the government as the constitution is for all and all need to know about it, unless it is just a cover to interfere?" Many Muslims along the committee asked , accusing the government of coercing Muslims to accept the little known Ahbash ideology based in the  sectarian Lebanon.

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